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Wall mount Flush TV and sound bar installation

08 March, 2015 | TV Installation and Wall Mounting


Today we will talk briefly about flush TV and sound bar installation. The picture below shows an LG TV and sound bar installed underneath the stairs of a house. In this install we had to saw away a few wood studs in order to make the space for the TV and sound bar. We then began to re-strengthen the area with additional studs as with people going up and downstairs there will be a lot of vibration and movement on this small partition wall. Without giving too much away we had to mount the TV and sound bar from behind the stairs. There is access under the stairs where the small space was used as a small storage space. We also housed the Sky box and ps4 in the cupboard and we have used an IR sender/receiver to control the sky HD box. The ps4 does not require the IR sender as the bluetooth connectivity is very good on the console.

This type of installation usually takes around 5-7 hours based on two men.