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TV aerial installation


On this page we are going to talk about TV aerial installation.

Is there such a thing as a digital TV aerial?

The answer is NO!

Many so called TV aerial companies claim you need a digital TV aerial. This is an absolute myth as the aerials available out there are simply compatible with the signals coming from such TV masts as Winterhill in Horwich. Simply take a look when you are walking down any street and you will see lots of the old type TV aerials on many chimneys which are still working after the transistion from analogue to digital. Many companies seem to go overboard with the choice of aerials on the market today, and consequently over charging customers! 

Be wary if a company says you need a very powerful TV aerial and a big mast. All you have to do is look at what TV aerial your neighbour has and then you can question the engineer why he wants to put something so big onto your property. Another thing to watch out for is if says we have a special offer on at the moment where we can install a TV aerial point into another room for half price. If you require a TV aerial point into another room, then you will ask him yourself.



On average the price in the Northwest for a new TV aerial/pole/chimney bracket and cable is around £80

All full installations should come with a 12 month written guarantee.